Magazines from all over the world has written about us. Check out some of them here

We were so lucky to serve a great dinner with lots of local food to the celebrities who was competing in the 2015 version of 71 Grader Nord. The program was filmed in september 2014 and had two amazing episodes from Romsdalen. The program is shown at TvNorge in the spring of 2015.
Read our story in the Norwegian Inflight magazine on every Norwegian flight all over the world in april 2015
Finaly, the commercial made by Field Production with support from Fjord Norway, Visit Norway, Visit Åndalsnes and Norrøna is here! Check it out!
5 places you have to ride your bike before you die! We are one of them!!
We made a commercial for Kvikk Lunch and Hvitserk Eventyrreiser in the summer of 2014 at Romsdalseggen, which was used in a online contest
A great story about us in Arcteryxs`online magazine Lithographica
9 pages in the Swedish Utemagasinet about us and the opportunities in Romsdalen for hiking, biking and skiing.
10 amazing pages in the Swedish Bicycling magazine in august 2014. This picture is really one of our favorites and it`s at page 2 and 3 of the magazine. Pictures and story from our swedish friends Mattias Fredriksson and Johan Jonsson.
In august 2014 we where hosting a filmshoot for Fjord Norway and Norrøna, produced by Field Productions. The film will be finished in 2015 and used as advertisement for bike tourism in Norway. We are really looking forward to the result of this one! Check out Field Productions website here
Article in the local newspaper here
Cube bikes from Germany did their catalogue photoshoot for 2015 with us in july 2014. Check out both their catalogues online here
Norrøna is using a picture of us from their visit in 2012 to present their Fjørå Collection on their website.
Check it out here
Bike Magazine in USA printed this unbelievable picture from our backyard in Isfjorden in their september/october-edition. So proud of this one and yet again a huge thank you to Mattias Fredriksson for sharing our beautiful backyard with the whole world!
Cube Bikes from Germany did their catalogue photoshoot for 2015 with us in july. A doublepage in Romsdals Budstikke during their stay. We are really looking forward to the end result, the Cube catalogue for 2015

In the spring of 2014, Redbull printed a story and lot of amazing pictures of mountain biking from Mattias Fredriksson from the western part of Norway.

Check out the pictures on Redbulls website here

In april 2014, Ride Magazine in Switzerland had an amazing 9 pages story with pictures about us and mountaibiking in Romsdalen. Pictures from Mattias Fredriksson and story from Johan Jonsson. This article gave us a lot of attention from Switzerland instantly after the magazine was available in the shops.

German Norr Magazine printed a big article about mountainbiking in Romsdalen in may 2014. They promote Scandinavia in their great magazine and we are so proud of being a part of it with a nice story about us and all the pictures from Mattias Fredriksson. Germany is one of our future markets and we will have guests from Germany already in the summer of 2014.

Swedish On Track Magazine printed a great photo article in the spring of 2014. The focus was the endless opportunities of biking, skiing and hiking in Romsdalen included our story. The magazine is distributed at the Arlanda Express Train, and the photos/text was by Mattias Fredriksson

We are really proud of this one. 11 pages in british MBR in february of 2014. Pictures of Mattias Fredriksson and text from Johan Jonsson, made this one very special. The British market is very interesting for us and has also been a huge inspiration for us, with their bikeparks all over England, Wales and Scotland. We want to learn more from the Brits :)

"Villa i det ville"

November 2013, the biggest travel magazine in Norway named us as one of the top 10 places to stay when you are looking for good food and alpine skiing. Proud of this one!

In november 2013 German Bike Magazine, the biggest mountainbike magazine in the world, printed this amazing picture from our own backyard, as one of top 10 - moments for 2013. They also printed another picture for their online magazine.

In the summer of 2013, the exclusive swedish travel magazine RES, printed this amazing picture over 2 pages with a short text. One of our all time favorites from Mattias Fredriksson!

In the autumn of 2013, North Face shared a picture on their Instagram - account and it instantly became a favorite for their followers and for us, with a lot of attention on both our website and social media. We loved it!

So proud when norwegian Terrengsykkel made us "cover-boys" in the spring of 2013, including a 6 pages story with great pictures inside the magazine. Pictures from Mattias Fredriksson and text from Jo Inge Mandt

Kind of how it all started.... The producer of outdoor clothing Norrøna, came to visit in august 2012 and it ended up with 11 pages in their Norrøna Magazine in march 2013, distributed in about 15 countries. This was a real motivation-boost for us to start our business much sooner than planed. We are forever grateful to the team who came to visit us, Kristoffer Kippernes, Geir Anders Ørslien, Veronica Vikestrand and Bjørnar Strømme and of course, a huge thank you to Norrøna for this one!

The local newspaper Romsdals Budstikke followed us during a weekend with guests in may 2013, just after we started our business. 6 pages gave us a super start and we actually have a lot of guests from our neighbor town Molde. Text from Ragnhild Bakke and photos by Matti Bernitz

The norwegian magazine UTE printed this double page from Mattias Fredriksson in the summer of 2013, with their story about mountainbiking and how to become a mountain biker

From Mattias Fredrikssons first visit in september 2012, Romsdals Budstikke made a huge story about us and the photoshoot of the world famous Mattias. We also had our good friend Aslak Mørstad to join us for this one. Great story by Ragnhild Bakke and photos from Erik Birkeland and Mattias for the newspaper

Before it all started, just a few months after we moved to Romsdalen, Romsdals Budstikke wrote a 4 pages article about our passion and love for the area and the mountains. Text by Ragnhild Bakke and photos by Matti Bernitz, including also some of our pictures for the newspaper